Research at the learning lab focuses on learning innovations with digital media from a perspective of educational science. International researchers from all parts of the world are visiting the lab to become part of our exciting world of innovation. 

At the learning lab, we work on learning innovations in collaboration with partners from different sectors of education. The lab is a hub for scholarly exchange, a place to get involved in innovative projects and to participate in lively discussions. The lab offers various facilities to develop instructional materials and online learning programs. New developments are evaluated and their impact on education are reflected. We follow a "design based research" approach - aiming at the implementation of innovations in various contexts of education  (schools, vocational and adult education, higher and further education).

We will only be accepting students with a clear focus on educational sciences, educational psychology or sociology and we will not be able to provide support for research in other disicplines at our lab.  

The learning lab hosts several accredited online learning programs for students worldwide and it provides support for other institutions developing innovative online-learning experiences.  Our study programmes offer an excellent testbed for new concepts of learning and are open for your vision of an innovative learning eniviornment.

University Duisuburg-Essen welcomes international students and reseachers from around the world. University Duisburg-Essen is "open-minded", it is known for its international outlook and supports global knowledge exchange. The university helps guest reasearchers with a variety of services to make their stay a positive and successfull experience. You can join the lab as a guest researcher, for doctoral or post-doctoral research.

More information about the application process  (general information). more international news from the Lab ... 

We are excited that you will be joining the Lab and hope you will feel at home during your stay!

Prof. Dr. Michael Kerres 

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