We are looking forward to your application for staying at the learning lab in Essen. In order to make sure your research interests match the focus of the lab's ongoing work, please send a short notice answering these question: 

1 What is the research question you want to address while staying at the lab? 

2 When do you intend to come to Germany and for how long do you want to stay at the lab?

3 How do you plan to finance your stay? (Please keep in mind that we can not cover for the cost of your stay. We are also not able to provide help with receiving a grant.) 

4 Is your research stay related to a Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.- theses? Where do you intend to submit your thesis? Who is supervising your theses?

5 Please, do attach a short CV. 

Send the information to: learninglab at uni-due.de

Your application will be considered and - with a positive decision - you will receive an invitation letter from the dean's office.  

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