In 2015, the follwing international researchers stayed at the lab for a longer period of time:

  • Ahmed Saad El-dien Anwar, PhD, E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Cairo, Egypt
  • Mahmoud Khalil Ismail Jboor, M.Sc., Al Quds- Bard University, East-Jerusalem
  • Prof. Dr. Swapna Kumar, University of Florida, Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Technology,  School of Teaching and Learning, College of Education
  • Prof. Dr. Marco Kalz, Open Universiteit der Niederlande 
  • Prof. Dr. Maarten de Laat,  Open Universiteit der Niederlande
  • Bieke Scheurs,  Open Universiteit der Niederlande

In 2014, Learning Lab has welcomed several international guest researchers, for example: 

  • Prof. Dr. Amber Dailey-Hebert from Park University, Missouri, stayed at the lab in October with a UDE grant for international cooperations. She participated in various activities in seminars and online lectures and lead a workshop on "innovations in higher education".  
  • Hiba Salem Balatiyah, MBA student from Birzeit University/Palestine, joined the lab for three month with a NRW scholarship grant to conduct research on managing innovations in training departments of media companies.
  • Anna Bukhtoyarova, lecturer at the Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk (Russia) has received an Eranet-Mundus grant from the EU for preparing her PhD-Thesis about international collaboration in online study programmes in HigherEd. 
  • Dr. Michael Bukhtoyarova, Associate Professor at the Siberian Federal University, is focusing in his post-doctoral research on perspectives of MOOCs in Higher Ed.


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