Our master programs are open for students world-wide! In our online courses, students enrolled  from all over the world participate actively and exchange their experiences. We welcome your contribution to our programs and are aware of your specific needs and challenges participating from throughout Europe and from overseas. Throughout your studies, you will have plenty of opportunity to apply what you learn with us within your own work contexts and home countries. 

Our master programs follow the european Bologna-specifications, are fully accredited and allow you to enter a PhD-programm. You will need an advanced understanding of the german langauge to comprehend our learning materials and assignments, which are written in German. You may respond in English and will receive feedback and further assistance in English, too. For entering the master's degree programme you will need an equivalent of a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university and at least one year of work experience following the Bachalor's exam. Be aware of the fact, that you will need to travel to Germany about twice a year on a weekend for meetings and exams. Dusseldorf International Airport, however, is nearby and the university campus can easily be reached by public transport. 

Each semester you (only) pay for study modules you have elected from the semester's module portfolio. In a typical case, the full master's degree programm will cost about 7.400 Euro (without travelling expenses and cost for further learning materials or tools). 

Feel free to contact our study advisors with any questions regarding your options for studying Educational Media / Educational Leadership at the University Duisburg-Essen. 

The following student profiles from our  online-campus offer a glimpse at the diversity of our student population.

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