EdTech Research Instruments

A database of the most relevant research instruments for measuring learning processes in the various context of education. All entries include references to the full instruments to be used in your research project. The collection has been developed within in the BMBF-Metaproject "Digitization in Education".

Learning Indicators
12 different measures of time on task behavioural processes
40 Different measures of participation behavioural processes
Voice blog survey by Sun affective processes
Survey of learning experience on the basis of the model of community of inquiry affective processes, social processes
The Motivation for Reading Questionnaire (MRQ - R) affective processes
Team Self- Assessment social processes
Voice-Blog Survey cognitive processes, affective processes
Turkish Validation from problem solving inventory meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Web User Self-Efficacy Scale (WUSE)- Short Version affective processes
Writing Motivation questionnaire adopted by Zhang affective processes
Survey on students’ perception of support and course satisfaction affective processes, social processes
Students’ Attitudes towards the Traditional Teaching Approach cognitive processes, affective processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Students‘ Attitudes Towards the English Learning Approach affective processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Students’ Perceptions of the Use of Twitter for Learning Purposes affective processes, social processes
Students' emotion management in online collaborative groupwork social processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Student’s Self-assessment of Learning Skills meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Software Self-efficacy by Xu affective processes
Social presence in an online learning affective processes, social processes
Social Ability Instrument social processes
Self-report measures of group process social processes
Satisfaction und Participation Questionnaire by Tschirhart affective processes
Satisfaction by Xu affective processes
Revised Study Process Questionnaire (R-SPQ-2F) cognitive processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Questionnaire of satisfaction with courseware integration affective processes
Question About Understanding Case Analysis cognitive processes, affective processes
Problem Solving Inventory cognitive processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Post-podcast questionnaire by Valentine cognitive processes, affective processes, behavioural processes
Perceived self-evaluation management by Xu affective processes
Perceived learning performance by Xu cognitive processes, learning outcomes
Perceived e-learning process by Xu affective processes
Perceived content management by Xu affective processes
Perceived adaptive instant interaction by Xu affective processes
Overall impression about an online seminar affective processes
Open Question about the Learning Experience with different videos affective processes


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