EdTech Research Instruments

A database of the most relevant research instruments for measuring learning processes in the various context of education. All entries include references to the full instruments to be used in your research project. The collection has been developed within in the BMBF-Metaproject "Digitization in Education".

see our publication refering to this project:
Buntins, K., Kerres, M., & Heinemann, A.. (2021). A scoping review of research instruments for measuring student engagement: In need for convergence. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 2(2). doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijedro.2021.100099 ... more

Learning Indicators
Mental-effort rating scale by Paas cognitive processes
Coding Sheme Studend Comments on Course Characterisitcs affective processes, social processes
Coding sheme for learning experiences, navigation and suggestions for improvement by Leslie student engagement (general), affective processes, social processes
Classroom Community Scale cognitive processes, social processes
Classification of the interactions among students in discussion forums by Chiecher und Donolo behavioural processes, social processes
Attiude about material and instruction methodology cognitive processes, affective processes
Attitude toward computer usage affective processes
Attitude Scale by Barhoumi affective processes
Academic Volitional Strategy Inventory (AVSI) affective processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Academic motivation scale (ams-c 28) College version affective processes
Academic Behavioural Confidence scale (ABC) affective processes, behavioural processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Questionnaire Interactive Whiteboard cognitive processes, affective processes
Module evaluation questionnaire affective processes
Situational Interest Scale cognitive processes, affective processes
Flow State Scale (FSS) affective processes
Activation-Deactivation adjective check list affective processes
Collaborative Online Assessment experience cognitive processes, affective processes, social processes
Course interest survey affective processes
Interest in the Class Scale affective processes


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