EdTech Research Instruments

A database of the most relevant research instruments for measuring learning processes in the various context of education. All entries include references to the full instruments to be used in your research project. The collection has been developed within in the BMBF-Metaproject "Digitization in Education".

see our publication refering to this project:
Buntins, K., Kerres, M., & Heinemann, A.. (2021). A scoping review of research instruments for measuring student engagement: In need for convergence. International Journal of Educational Research Open, 2(2). doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijedro.2021.100099 ... more

Learning Indicators
Participation Questionnaire by Gleason behavioural processes
Participation Indicators by Grgurović behavioural processes
Open Question: Trusted your teammates social processes
Open Question Students’ Perception materials/activities and Instructions affective processes
Open Questions about drawbacks of Flipped Classrooms by Clark with Coding sheme affective processes
Open Questions about Benefits of Flipped Classrooms by Clark with Coding sheme affective processes
Online peer interaction social processes
Online Learning Enrollment Intentions (OLEI) Scale affective processes
Online participation coding sheme by Cheng behavioural processes
Blog Motivation Questionnaire by Yang and Chang cognitive processes, affective processes
Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire affective processes
Measurement of Cognitive Load of de Araujo cognitive processes
Learning Strategies Scales for Learning Questionnaire social processes, meta-cognitive processes/learning strategies
Learners’ Self-Evaluation of English Performance and Attitudes Toward Remedial Activities cognitive processes, affective processes, learning outcomes
Intrinstic Load by Ayres cognitive processes
Intrinsic, Extraneous und Germance Load Scale cognitive processes
Intragroup conflict scale affective processes, social processes
Interest in the Class affective processes
Group Trust Questionnaire by Jarvenpaa social processes
Group Norms by Wageman behavioural processes, social processes
Germane cognitive load by Salomon cognitive processes
Frequency of using the online course by Krasnova behavioural processes, social processes
Fragebogen zur Evaluation von Seminaren (FESEM) affective processes
Fragebogen zur Evaluation von Praktika (FEPRA) affective processes
Fragebogen zur Evaluation von Vorlesungen (FEVOR) affective processes
Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) affective processes, social processes
Flow Short Scale affective processes
Flow in Human-Computer Interaction affective processes
Flipped Classroom Evaluation Survey affective processes
Feedback on the effectiveness of clicker cognitive processes, affective processes
Extraneous cognitive load by Cierniak cognitive processes
End of Project Online Questionnaire by Ducate affective processes, social processes
Engagement and Participation in the Facebook Group behavioural processes, social processes
Discussion Forum Archives Coding Schema cognitive processes, behavioural processes, social processes
Die Flow Kurzskala affective processes


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