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We welcome Rainar Rye Marstrand at the Lab - a Ph.d.-fellow with the Institute of Design and Communication from University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. He will stay at the Learning Lab as a guest researcher for three months starting from December 2018. 

In his research project, he is analysing apprenticeship learning in computer simulation-supported worlds at national
training centers, where trainees are employed in a simulated trainee business. Within the framework of Research through Design, he is taking an ethnomethodological, emic and empirically informed interest in formulating design principles to support simulation-supported learning and studies heuristic design principles as categories of knowledge.

At th 12th of December, 2 p.m., Rainer will give a presentation on his research at the Lab on:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! Using hybrid studies and design based research to understand and design for practice-oriented learning in simulation-supported worlds.

Please, feel invited to join the discussion! 



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