Bild des Benutzers Martin Rehm

Two papers on our research about "social capital in social media" and "collaborative tagging systems" have been accepted at the EARLI 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus. The first one, entitled "Tweeting Teachers – Does Social Capital play a Role in Twitter Conversations among Teachers?", has been written by Martin Rehm, Michael Kerres and Ad Notten (UNU-MERIT). The second one, entitled "EduTags – How do Teachers share Resources using a Collaborative Tagging System?" has been written by Martin Rehm, Tobias Hölterhof and Michael Kerres, and is part of a symposium called "Contrasting formal and informal learning: A SNA perspective on employees’ professional development". This symposium brings together colleagues from the University of Antwerp (Sara van Waes), the Open University UK (Bart Rienties), the Université catholique de Louvain (Simon Beausaert and the University of Turku (Tuire Palonen and Erno Lehtinen).

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