TitelBridging Educational Research and Practice: Meta-Research on Digitalization in Education
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGetto, B, Kerres, M
Conference NameAERA Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA (Apr 17 - 21 - canceled)
LocationSan Francisco, CA

Empirical educational research investigates implications and effects of digital technology in various fields of education. In this context, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is funding a range of projects on digitization in the fields of primary, secondary, vocational, higher and adult education. Furthermore, a 5-year "meta-project" has been established to accompany these research projects. It is responsible for supporting the projects, for integrating and publishing results of the projects and for advising the ministry in the advancement of policies. The paper will position the rationale of meta-research as an approach to design-based research in education. It will focus on the dialogical measures of this approach and reflect on first experiences.

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