TitelImproving Team Performance and Shared Knowledge of Teams Who Communicate via Datalink Technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSander, PC, van Doorn, RRA, van der Pal, J, Zijlstra, FRH
Conference NameEuropean Association of Aviation Psychology Conference
LocationCascais, Portugal
Keywordscommunication, shared mental model, team performance

This study investigates whether prompting information exchange among team members before actual task execution helps these team members to develop shared knowledge and improve team performance when working in a datalink environment. Thirty-five student teams were assigned to either an experimental or a control condition and performed an abstract air traffic control simulation in which they communicated via datalink. Results showed that prompting information exchange through guided knowledge sharing resulted in more similar team-related mental models and more accurate general knowledge sharing among team members in the experimental group. These team members also showed a stronger performance progress. Guided off-task knowledge sharing thus helps teams in effective teamwork and intensifies the positive effects of datalink technology.

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