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In October 2014, we hosted a workshop on “Social Network Analysis in Educational Research”, where we engaged into discussions with colleagues from across Europe and provided an overview of what type of SNA research we conduct at the Learning Lab. With this post, we would like to provide a little update about our recent activities in this direction. We still employ SNA to analyze learning processes in formal and informal environments, which offers exciting insights in learning as a relational and structural activity. Moreover, a considerable amount of our work has been accepted at reputable international conferences:

European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, Biennial Conference EARLI 2015 (25.-29. August 2015 in Limassol/Cyprus):

  • Analysis of Emotional Communication Processes among Working Professionals within Communities of Learning
  • EduTags – How do Teachers share Resources using a Collaborative Tagging System?
  • Tweeting Teachers – Does Social Capital play a Role in Twitter Conversations among Teachers?
  • Encounter to one another? Analysing structural connectedness by peer feedback assignments

Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) (June 23 – June 28 2015 in Brighton/UK):

  • The Creation and Distribution of Social Capital in Twitter Conversations among Teachers – A Longitudinal Ego-Network Approach
  • Sharing Resources to Improve (Teaching) Practice – Do Collaborative Tagging System contribute a Network of Practice among Teachers?

This provides you with a little impression of what we are doing at the moment and maybe offers opportunities to get in contact. We are looking forward to an interesting summer. If you have any comments or requests for cooperation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Greetings, Martin Rehm & Tobias Hölterhof

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