TitelThe Potential of Communities of Learning for Dual Career PhD Programs – A Case Study
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
Book TitleTransformative Perspectives and Processes in Higher Education
AuthorsRehm, M, van de Laar, M
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
KeywordsCommunity of Learning, Dual Career, Learning Communities, Online Communities, Online Learning

Doctoral education has increased in popularity amongst working professionals, who are driven to update their knowledge and skills continuously. As a result, a new type of PhD fellow has emerged, with considerably different background characteristics than regular PhD fellows, for instance a higher average age and job tenure. While this development should have had a profound impact on the way in which doctoral education is facilitated, traditional (teaching) methodologies remain the dominant form of instruction. Communities of Learning (CoL) have been suggested as a new and more flexible way of facilitating PhD research that takes into account the characteristics of the new type of PhDs. This chapter provides empirical evidence from an actual CoL, which has been specifically designed, implemented and facilitated for the new type of PhDs at a Dutch university. Based on the presented findings and the authors’ experience with CoL for doctoral education, some practical implications will be discussed that can contribute to the success of similar initiatives elsewhere.

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