TitelTeachers’ use of augmented reality in the classroom: reasons, practices, and needs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsBuchner, J, Krüger, J, Bodemer, D, Kerres, M
EditorChinn, C, Tan, E, Chan, C, Kalo, Y
Conference NameInternational Collaboration toward Educational Innovation for All: Overarching Research, Development, and Practices (Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the Learning Sciences)
PublisherInternational Society of the Learning Sciences
LocationHiroshima, Japan
ISBN Number978-1-7373306-5-3

Research on augmented reality (AR) in education shows various advantages and challenges for learners while research on teachers is scarce. In practice, teachers drive the implementation of AR in classes, and it is important to examine current practices and requirements to be able to effectively support their efforts. N = 16 teachers who had used AR in their classes took part in a survey with open-ended questions focusing on reasons for, current practice of, and needs when using AR in education. The answers were classified into different (sub-)categories. As reasons for usage, different instructional and non-instructional purposes are mentioned. In the current practices various technologies, design-platforms and educational materials are described, and needs include content availability, pedagogical integration, and technical infrastructure. The results are discussed with a focus on unexpected outcomes and the potentials of collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to support teachers AR classroom integration.

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