TitelDistributed learning ecosystems in education: a guide to the debate
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2022
Book TitleDistributed Learning Ecosystems. Concepts, Resources, and Repositories
AuthorsOtto, D, Kerres, M
PublisherSpringer Nature
Keywordsdistributed, ecosystems, OER, open education

Learning spaces are vital for education but subject to rapid transformation. The internet is the emerging space where learning takes place. The concept of learning ecosystems reflects the idea that in today’s learning processes, different elements interact and influence each other. For higher education, a learning ecosystem comprises all services, resources, and environments within the institution that enable or support learning processes. However, this chapter argues that, although learning ecosystems are increasingly established in higher education, essential features that are missing are their permeability and interconnectedness. The chapter aims to close this gap by introducing the concept of distributed learning ecosystems (DLEs). DLEs follow the idea of establishing a link between decentralised learning ecosystems (consisting of content repositories and educational resources). Thus, DLEs serve as an integrated approach that enables learners to access and use learning content and share resources. With reference to the other chapters in the book, the paper illustrates challenges and solutions on the road to DLEs.

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