TitelEducation after the pandemic: What we have (not) learned about learning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsKerres, M, Buchner, J
JournalEducation Sciences

During the pandemic, educational technologies have become an essential tool to provide education at a distance. The paper outlines basic assumptions of research on the effects of the pandemic on education and points out to methodological flaws, when these effects are directly related to the pandemic or to effects of educational technology on learning. Studies cannot be easily aggregated and must consider the institutional, national, and cultural conditions how the educational system reacted to the pandemic. The article discusses how the experiences during the pandemic will shape the future discussion of education after the pandemic. With regard to the use of digital technology the future seems widely open and will largely depend on the interpretation and re-construction of these experiences during the pandemic by the actors in the field. Two contradictory visions for the role of educational technology in education after the pandemic seem possible: a pre- vs. post-digital view that imply fundamentally different perspectives for the future of education. A pre-digital re-construction implies a return “back to normal” whereas a post-digital view tries to utilize the experiences of the pandemic to a reform of education more consequential.

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