TitelVisualizing online (social) learning processes - Designing a Dashboard to support reflection
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHayit, D, Hölterhof, T, Rehm, M, Carl, O, Kerres, M
EditorKravcik, M, Mikroyannidis, A, Pammer, V, Prilla, M, Ullmann, DT
Conference NameProceedings of the 6th Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology Enhanced Learning In conjunction with the 11th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Adaptive and Adaptable Learning (EC-TEL 2016)
KeywordsDashboard, Learning Analytics, Online Learning, social presence, Visual Analytics

Learning analytics, as a means to visualize learning, has been repeatedly suggested to enhance learners’ and teachers’ self-reflection in online learning processes. Departing from this notion, we propose a combination of this visual approach to learning analytics with the concept of social presence, thereby acknowledging social aspects of online learning processes that are often overlooked. More specifically, we present the considerations and design of a dedicated dashboard that supports self-reflection by visualizing (social) online learning processes. The approach is based on our belief that visualizing learning by itself does not automatically lead to self-reflection and awareness among students and teachers. Instead, organizers and instructors of learning activities need to be conscious about the social aspects of learning.

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