TitelLifelong Learning an Hochschulen: Neuausrichtung des Bildungsauftrages von Hochschulen
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKerres, M, Hanft, A, Wilkesmann, U
JournalHochschulwesen. Forum für Hochschulforschung, -praxis und -politik

The traditional self-image of many universities is no longer appropriate since it neither reflects students’ changed biographies and professional careers nor the demographic change and the shifting social framework. In order to reach new student populations, i.e. those with non-traditional educational and professional biographies, a general reorientation is necessary. In this context the modularization of study programs may serve an important purpose, as it can increase the flexibility within a course of studies. The authors, Michael Kerres, Anke Hanft, and Uwe Wilkesmann, suggest that in order to seize the opportunities inherent in this change, universities need to adapt at a number of levels. In their contribution, "Lifelong Learning in Higher Education - Reorientation of the educational mission of universities", they outline key points.

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