TitelVR-training for vehicle painters. A vocational training environment based on the 4C/ID model
Publication TypePresentation
AuthorsMulders, M
Year of Publication2020

Competence development in vocational education includes acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) - often with a focus on psychomotor coordination. The vocational education for vehicle painters is hampered by economic, ecological, and social factors. To overcome these limitations, the HandleVR project develops a Virtual Reality (VR) training based on the 4C/ID model (van Merriënboer & Kirschner, 2018) and aiming at the integrative acquisition of KSAs. HandLeVR tests how the model is applicable to the competence acquisition in the realm of vocational training with an emphasis on psychomotor coordination. The paper presents results of a pilot study with eight teachers for vehicle painters who tested a learning task in VR and evaluated its suitability regarding the acquisition of KSAs. Results show that the learning task has slight advantages in the training of skills and attitudes compared to knowledge.

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