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Filsecker, M., Kerres, M., & Bormann, M.. (2011). Avoiding learning in game-based learning environments: Gaze patterns at tasks' vs. play elements. In AERA Annual Meeting , New Orleans, Louisiana. gehalten auf der 08/04/2011.
Filsecker, M., & Bündgens-Kosten, J.. (2012). Behaviorism, Constructivism, and Communities of Practice: How pedagogic theories help us understand game-based language learning. In H. Reinders (Hrsg.), Computer Games in Language Learning and Teaching (New Language Learning and Teaching Environments). Palgrave.
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Filsecker, M., & Kerres, M.. (2013). Designing and studying educational games: Limitations of current design and research approaches in game-based learning. In B. Bigl & Stoppe, S. (Hrsg.), Playing with Virtuality, Theories and Methods of Computer Game Studies (S. 349-368). Frankfurt: Peter Lang.
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